The 2023 Rick Vieth Junior Four Ball
Saturday, December 2nd & Sunday, December 3rd
The Fort Club

In the 1995, Rick Vieth created The Junior 4-Ball Golf Tournament because at the time there were no 4-Ball events for juniors to compete in. Rick loved playing in 4-Ball events with his friends across the state and felt it was time that juniors got to experience the team side of the game of golf. So, he created the event and ran it from 1995 to 2019 at Pebble Creek Golf Course. In 2019 they stopped playing the event because juniors could not receive state ranking points for a team event. In 2022, First Tee — Upstate South Carolina and SCJGA decided to bring the event back and to rename it The Rick Vieth Junior 4-Ball! They also decided that it would be best to bring it to The Fort Club in Ninety Six, SC, as Rick’s stepson bought the golf course just a few months earlier. Also, the First Tee — Upstate South Carolina wanted to expand into to Greenwood County. 

We are excited for the second year of the newly formed Rick Vieth Junior 4-Ball in partnership with SCJGA and The Fort Club and know that it will be a memorable experience for the juniors competing and how it will ultimately help to continue to grow the game in Greenwood County.

History of Winners Boys 15-18

1995- Lucas Glover and Jeremy Revis 

1996- Kyle Thompson and Eric Ledford

1997- DJ Trahan and Michael Sims

1998- DJ Trahan and Michael Sims 

1999- Brent Delahussaye and Bill Haas

2000- Kevin Kisner and Alex Hamilton 

2001- Nick Biershenk and Nick Hughey 

2002- Matthew Mead and Nick Hughey 

2003- Phillip Mollica and Luke Hopkins 

2004- Allen Coon and Harrison Moore

2005- George and Wesley Bryan 

2006- David Dannelly and Tripp McCallister 

2007- Thomas Bradshaw and Hayden Letien 

2008- Crawford Reeves and Chad Siefert 

2009- Chandler Brazeal and Matthew Nesmith 

2010- Taylor Zoller and John Weiss 

2011- Carson Young and Austin Langdale 

2012- Bryson Nimmer and JD Lehman

2013- Andrew Orishack and Josh Fickes 

2014- Brady Hinkle and Logan Sowell 

2015- Cancelled Due to Weather 

2016- Jacob Bridgeman and Trent Phillips 

2017- Brandon McBride and Drew Weary 

2018- No Event

2019- Andrew Propes and Oliver Rotermund 

2020- No Event

2021- No Event 

2022- Blake Kelly and Brookes DeShields 

History of Winners Girls 14-18 

1995- Kristin Ruble and Andreen Holloway 

1996- Kacy Thompson and Andreen Holloway

1997- Jennifer Bridwell and Kari Damron 

1998- Kacy and Kory Thompson 

1999- Darby Sligh and Tiffany Catafygiotu 

2000- Colby Cobb and Lorraine Ballerano 

2001- Dinah Plyler and Conner Atkinson 

2002- Laura Parris and Kelly White 

2003- Lauren Crawford and Lauren Hunt 

2004- Rachel Uremovich and Elizabeth Freeman 

2005- Rachel Uremovich and Elizabeth Freeman

2006- Rachel Uremovich and Elizabeth Freeman

2007- Rachel Uremovich and Austin Ernst 

2008- Rachel Uremovich and Austin Ernst 

2009- Morgan Webber and McKenzie Talbert 

2010- Katelyn Dambaugh and Collins Bradshaw 

2011- Reona Hirai and Kelli Murphy 

2012- Taylor Ann Dodson and Sydney Legacy 

2013- Lauren Stephenson and Riley Lovorn

2014- Morgan Cox and Jacqueline Twitty 

2015- Canceled Due to Weather 

2016- Gracyn Burgess and Jodee Tindal 

2017- Gracyn Burgess and Baylee Evans 

2018- No Event 

2019- No Event 

2020- No Event 

2021- No Event 

2022- Brooke Burgess and Caitlyn Gaines