2022 STEMLinks Camp

Last Week we had an amazing time hosting our STEMLinks Camp. We traveled around the Upstate to show our participants different parts of the golf industry, and the science behind it all. We would like to thank all of the venues that hosted our campers to make this a memorable week!

On Monday, we went to Beau Welling’s office, a world renowned golf course architect. His design team taught the kids how to create a 3 hole golf course design on paper. They went through all of the steps and created their own course. Beau Welling then judged all of the courses, and picked a winner, Julia Conroy.

On Tuesday, we went to ByPass Golf. Todd Webber showed us around, and told us all about the golf industry. The kids also got to experience a golf club fitting. They got to hit shots on the track-man, and learned what all of the numbers meant.

Wednesday, we went to 3’s Greenville and the campers learned more about their golf game. They had to figure out their average distance on certain chips and pitch shots. They also learned how to use a stimpmeter. Lastly, they played the humps and bumps course.

Thursday, we went to Legacy Pines with Tommy Biershenk. He took time to help each kid individually. He recorded their swings and helped them better themselves mechanically. He taught them a lot. 

Friday, we went to TopGolf. They let us learn the technology behind the popular venue, and how to run the day to day operations. Afterwards, we played in a private bay, and had some friendly competition between the campers.

Participant Jonathan Roe’s favorite part was going to Legacy Pines. “My favorite part was going to Legacy Pines. Coach Biershenk took some time and helped me with my driver. He recorded my swing and helped me make corrections.” 

Another participant, Julia Conroy, expressed how much fun going to 3’s Greenville was. “I enjoyed going to 3’s Greenville. We got to play the humps and bumps course and it was a fun way to putt.” 

Parker Fain, our summer intern, expressed his joy about being able to put the camp on. “Overall, the camp was a huge success. The kids had a great time and learned so much about golf and themselves. The best part for me was watching the smiles on the kids’ faces as they succeeded and grew as golfers. It was a great experience and I can not wait for the next time.” 

Overall, our STEMLinks camp was a huge success! We would like to thank Parker Fain, participating venues, our campers, and their parents for helping to make this a memorable week!